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About Me

I have been using digital cameras since 2001 and have been a full-time photographer since 2011. I love to stay up on the cutting edge of creative lighting, using the best equipment money can buy and continue to study with the best photographers in the world. Photography is my full-time job.
I have trained extensively with Jerry Ghionis (considered by many to be the best wedding photographer in the World). Emulating his mix of photo-journalistic images, evoking emotion in your subject and helping brides & grooms look amazing with posing and creative lighting sets us apart as I continue to create my own style. I've also spent time studying in Italy with JB Salle (the second most awarded Wedding photographer). As well as every year invest a week helping with the most prestigious print competition of the year WPPI, (rubbing shoulders and taking classes from the best photographers in the world. I am always learning new things and striving to be the best I can be for my clients.

I'm also the "House" photographer for the Fresno Convention Center, Selland Arena, Saroyan Theater, as well as the photographer for the Fresno Chamber of Commerce and I own the most versatile (for rent) photography studio in the valley.
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I choose to do a limited number of weddings each year so I can deliver the best service possible. Verses photographers that shoot 50 or 60 a year! This also allows me to give my clients more attention and to deliver their photos quickly. I also have a large portrait studio located in West Fresno behind the Costco on Shaw. I would love to meet with you to customize the perfect collection for your photographic needs. (more about me below the testimonials)

I also offer collections with a 2nd Photographer as well as video

My Mission

My mission is to offer clients the best wedding, portrait , event , commercial photography, available in the Central Valley, at a price you can afford and to create artwork and lasting memories for my clients that will be cherished for generations to come. What makes me different is that every image I create is thought out and edited to capture the beauty of the most important moments in life. I don't just take "snap shots" and burn them on a disk. I pay attention to every detail and create art for you, that will last a lifetime.

All of my finished images are retouched. Digital photos are nothing more than pixels and we will tweak them to make you look your best, without making you look fake. No more dark rings under your eyes, skin blemishes or distracting elements in your personal or family photos. And I don't just blur out your skin like amateurs, I use high end retouching techniques that are used in the fashion industry. You will also notice beautiful blue skies in many of my images. Not the airy, fairy, white ones many are producing these days. This is a fad that will be very dated in a few years.

Have you ever had a photographer make you look into the sun while you stood there squinting and wondering what to do with your hands? Guess what? I will never make you look into the sun, and I consider it my job to help you pose! You know how they say the camera adds 10 pounds? What you may not know is that correct posing can take at least 20 pounds off! Don't worry, I got your back. All of my collections include a custom made album, and photos on USB. (Samples Here)

-Brett Nelson

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