1. Wedding at Tahoe
  2. Couple kissing at Copper River Golf Course, Clovis
  3. Couple dancing At Copper River Golf Course
  4. Golfing Wedding Couple, Copper River Country Club,
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  6. Noemi and Micheal's wedding at St John's Cathedral
  7. Stunning Bride at copper River Golf Course, Fresno, CA
  8. Lizzie & Ricky wedding at San Joaquin Country Club
  9. Sadia Bride from Pakistan Fresno Wedding photographer
  10. Gina and Micheal kiss at the Clovis Castle
  11. The Grand, Fresno CA Wedding Couple
  12. Lizzie and Ricky wedding at San Joaquin Country Club
  13. Wedding Couple at Sunset. Clovis, CA
  14. Wedding at Sierra Meadows Country Club, Ahwahnee, CA
  15. Wedding at Wedgewood Banquette center
  16. First dance of wedding couple flower girls bubbles
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  18. Groom crying on the brides shoulder at Woodward Park, Fresno
  19. Bride and Groom at Shinzen Gardens, Fresno, CA
  20. Beautiful bride, School House Restaurant,
  21. Beautiful Bride, Courtney. Fresno, CA
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  23. Lizzie + Ricky wedding at San Joaquin Country Club
  24. Military Wedding in Kingsburg, CA
  25. ​Gina and Micheal dancing after their wedding
  26. Tuscan Garden, Kingsburg, CA Wedding Photographer
  27. Sally and Peter celebrating after their wedding, Clovis, CA
  28. Bride and groom celebra
  29. Kings Table at San Joaquin Country Club
  30. Jenna and Mike, just married
  31. Christine and Rick during their Catholic wedding
  32. Bride and Groom enjoy the sunset. Wolf Lakes, Sanger, CA
  33. Gina and Micheal sunset wedding
  34. Stunning Bride looking through a gate at her wedding. Wolf Lakes
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  38. Bride and groom enjoy the view from The Grand in Fresno, CA
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  40. Alex and
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  42. Bride and groom kiss at their Catholic Wedding in Fresno, CA
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  44. Bride and Groom at Dante Club Fresno, CA
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  47. Birdstone Winery, Madera, CA wedding Photography
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  49. Wedding couple with their dogs
  50. First dance at Sierra Meadows wedding photography
  51. Wedding at Ridge Creek Country club, Dinuba, CA
  52. Lovely bride in the sun, School House Restaurant
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  54. Wedding Photographer, Birdstone Winery, Madera, CA
  55. The first dance, Copper River Golf Course, Clovis
  56. Bride and groom, Sunset photos. The Grand, Wedding
  57. Beautiful Bride, Wedding in Dinuba, CA
  58. Wedding at The Grand, Fresno, CA
  59. Wedding couple under the stars, Wolf Lakes, Sanger, CA
  60. Lovely Bride at the Ramada Inn, Fresno, CA
  61. Bride throwing her bouquet. Dinuba Wedding
  62. Wedding at People's Church, Fresno, CA
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  64. Wedding couple's first look Sunnyside Country Club
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  66. Wedding couple kissing at the Grove, Sanger, CA
  67. Couple smiling just after wedding. Wolf Lakes, Sanger, CA
  68. Bride and Groom enjoying their first Dance. Dinuba,
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  70. Wedding at Birdstone Winery Holding hands
  71. First look. Wedding couple Kingsburg
  72. Kingsburg Wedding, First look. Bride and groom
  73. Flower girls playing with Bridal Veil Kingsburg, CA
  74. Bride and groom kissing. Birdstone Winery
  75. Bride and Groom reflection at People's Church
  76. Groomsmen portrait. Fresno, CA wedding
  77. Wedding couple in front of Warnors Theater, Fresno, CA
  78. Amazing Grace wall, Cornerstone Church, Fresno, CA
  79. Bride just before wedding holding her ring
  80. Bride and groom kissing at there wedding in Dinuba, CA
  81. Wedding couple just after ceremony, The Grand, Fresno
  82. Wedding couple kissing in Madera, CA
  83. Wedding couple kissing at sunset, Ahwahnee, CA
  84. Bride with Adorable Flower Girls
  85. First look on their wedding Day, Edgewood Golf course
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  87. Groomsmen in Superhero shirts. Wedding party
  88. Wedding couple dancing, Tuscan Gardens
  89. Bride getting ready Wedding photography Black and WHite
  90. Bride & groom first dance at Pines Resort, Bass Lake, CA
  91. Bride and Groom's first dance. Tuscan Gardens
  92. Bridal Party at Sunset, Sierra Meadows Golf course
  93. Smiling Bride and Groom, Birdstone Winery, Madera
  94. Couple Kissing, wedding, New Covenant Community church
  95. Wedding couple dancing at The Grand
  96. Bride and groom on Dock at Bass Lake, CA
  97. Bride and Groom posing by their vintage limo.
  98. Bride throwing her bouquet at her wedding in Ahwahnee
  99. Bride and her bouquet. People's Church wedding
  100. Cowboy wedding at the Grove, Sanger, CA
  101. Bride and groom kissing with the bouquet. Clovis, CA
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